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Cargo handling system for coastal cement ships

Since the fisrt delivery of MacGregor self-unloading system to 1,700 DWT cement coastal ship in 1990, the system has been installed at 27 cement carriers built in Japan. Reliabilities of the system has been well proven in the cement industry, and also the system is securing higher degree of safety at the ship hull, with its particular system arrangement for sure water-tightness.

Essential part of the MacGregor self-unloading system for the cement ship is screw conveyors manufactured by long-time experiences under higher quality control, which are to be arranged horizontally and vertically in the cement ship hull to realize complete segegation of each cargo hold. The conveyor system is supported and controlled by electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic auxiliary systems to be integrated in the system, which will optimize the cargo flow during the loading and unloading opeation of the cement ship.

The number of cement ships installed with MacGregor system is increasing every year from its higher reliabilities or stable availabilities of the cargo operation, and they are providing essential contribution to the cement product sea transportation in Japan.

As a representative company of MacGregor Sweden AB / self-unloading system division, we are providiing services in the vairous aspects of the project, form the product promotion, proposal to each project, requied local services for the project execution, upto after services after the ship completion.