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Conveyor for bulk materials
AUMUND Asia [H.K.]

Our company is representing AUMUND Asia [H.K.] for the conveyor products manufactured by AUMUND Fӧrdertechnik GmbH in Germany for the cement industry in Japan. The company has more than 90 years history and providing conveyor products in high technological standards to bulk material handling industries. AUMUND Asia [H.K.] is one of the subsidiary companies of AUMUND Group located in Hong Kong, administrating sales, projects, procurements or after service of AUMUND products in Asian Region.

AUMUND conveyor and storage products are widly used in the cement plants all over the world. Reliabilities of the equipment is well proven under the critical operating conditions. In Japan, one pan conveyor for the clinker silo feeding was delivered in 1978 to a cement plant 100 km north from Tokyo in 1978. The conveyor has 1,200 mm width of pan plates and designed to transport clinker with 420 t/h capacity. Although it has already passed for 40 years sincne the installation, the conveyor is still operating for clinker feeding to the storage silo. AUMUND Asia [H.K.] has carried out the inspection of the conveyor in 2012, during the yearly shut-down of the plant.

Also there is one remarkable delivery of AUMUND pan conveyor specially designed for high temperature sinter material in 2016, to one of the major steel production plants in Japan. The conveyor has 3,000 mm width with 1,450 t/h transportation capacity for the sinter material of 600℃, feeding the material to the new cooler unit replacing old existing cooler unit. From required very high transportation capacity and high temperature of the sinter, detail design of the conveyor unit or the material design of the components have been carried out by high expertise of AUMUND acquired from past deliveries all over the world. Sufficient durability of the equipment is the indispensable requirement in the sinter production process as the operaiton is continoued for 24 hours unremittingly.