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Diverting valve on storage silos

At the end of 1999, one pinch valve with pneumatic cylinder and one pinch valve with electrical actuator have been deliverted to the cement service station nearby Tokyo. The purpose of this delivery was to verify the operaiton capbility of the pinch valve on the cement pneumatic conveying line with one year test operation. Metalic heavy ball valves have been used as the diverting valve on the conveying line to select the storage silo, however, there have been a lot of problems in its maintenace availabilities at the site.

Test opetation was quite successful, the client is well satisfied with its sure operaiton on pneumatic conveying pipes of 400 mm, receiving cement products from the coastal cement ship. The client has descided to adopt the pinch valve with rubber sleeve inside for further new construction or modification project of the cement service stations located all over coalstal area of Japan.

At the decision after the product test, the client also designated the actuation device as electrical actuator due to its compact body and reliable mechanism which can generate stable torque. Also the client has prepared standard specification of the product according to their own local requirements. As the trasportation time from the factory in Finland to Japan can be more than one month by sea, the product shall be ready to be installed already in the factory with issuing quality control documents after the designated adjustment works for the products.

As the representative of Flowrox OY for the cement industry, our company has been importing and delivering the product to the customer's site. Since the above test operation ended in 2000, more than 120 sets of pinch valves in 300 to 400 mm diameter have been delivered to the cement service stations. With its simple design with rubber sleeve of round shape , there are no mechanical resistance inside the valve with flowing media, the product has realized the continous operation of the facilities without long-time downtime.