The steel made pan conveyor for hot sinter with more than 600 degree celsius is under operation at the steel production plant in Japan. The conveyor is designed by AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH in Germany and transporting sinter material with 1,480 tph capacity from the sintering machine to the cooler, installed with 3,000 mm width pan which is the largest width AUMUND has ever designed. The conveyor is operating for 24 hours / 7 days, and contributing to the uninterrupted material processing which is the essential mission of the steel production plant.

The conveyor is designed based on the competitive engineering know-how accumulated in the world market with high quality components, and demonstrating the excellent durability under the sever operating conditions. The performance and reliability verified by this installation have ensured its unparalleled position in the global market.


Cement self-unloading system designed and delivered by MacGREGOR Sweden AB have been installed at nearly 30 cement and fly ash coastal ships in Japan since early 1990’s. Installed systems are contributing to the stable supply of cement products which are indispensable material to construct the social infrastructure. With this system, the ship can realize sure watertightness at ship hull by independent cargo holds without penetrating area. It is the established cement handling system especially for the large size coastal ships by its high class safety.

Since early 2000’s, the system has been installed with the local designed operation control system manufactured in Japan. This challenge provides the wider usability for ship crews and stevedore companies and assured the system as the important cement logistic assets of their supply net-work.


In 2019, two single chain conveyors type BWZ and one chain conveyor type TKF manufactured by AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH in Germany started commercial operation at a biomass power plant located in northern Japan. Elevators and conveyor have been installed at its fuel supply line to the main unit, to transport PKS (Palm Kernel Shell) from South Eastern Asia. For biomass materials, there still a lot of challenges as they are relatively new material with smaller demonstrated data in short time history.

BWZ elevator with single chain bucket lifting mechanism has been the established product for vertical lifting in the global market. Simple and reliable lifting mechanism provides the higher efficiency and reliability, suitable for the application requires uninterrupted operation like in this power plant. To supplement this proven technology, the delivered BWZ elevators are incorporated with rubber bottom bucket which is newly developed by AUMUND. As a result, effective feeding rate of PKS to each bucket has reached more than initial planning of the plant, with very small material residue at the bucket bottom.

The installation demonstrates that the combination of established and new technology can be the effective solution for the new material requiring a lot of challenges.


Pinch valve is the unique valve consisted with the valve body and rubber full bore sleeve inside. The full bore rubber sleeve is the only part which will contact with flowing media, the valve is in very simple design. This simple and unique valve with electrical actuating control have been installed at cement distribution stations located in coastal area since early 2000’s for its excellent performance to control powder cement media.

Unique flow control mechanism requires only the inside rubber sleeve to be replaced regularly as the maintenance work. The larger size 400A valve weights over 800 kgs, however, the station can carry out this simple maintenance work at the site regularly by themselves. The simple maintenance work provides clear operational cost plan in the long-term, with sharing information between 25 cement service stations where the same valves have been used. When the essential part of the product is complicated and consisted with many parts, it is difficult to know the repairing part in advance and to plan the long-term operational budget.

The oldest valve in this application is already aged more than 20 years, and regular overhaul program develped by the global actuator manufacturer is ensuring the long time life of the product further.

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